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National Individual Income Tax Comparison Study

This study compares and ranks individual income tax burdens by state and calculates the net income
taxes paid by single, married, head of household and senior tax filers at different income levels. The study also identifies the most progressive and most regressive state income tax systems, compares study results with the results from previous studies, provides federal income and FICA tax burdens for each filer type and income level in each state, and updates
changes to state income tax rates and brackets.

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MTA Issue Briefs

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June, 2009  Health Care Spending By Minnesota’s Cities: Costs, Efficiencies, and the Role of Local Government Aid

This study examines employee health care benefit spending by Minnesota city governments and examines the extent to which state aids may affect local government health care spending decisions.
      •  How much diversity exists in local government employee health care spending and plan features?
      •  How, if at all, do state aids affect local government health care spending decisions and spending levels?
      •  To what extent are local governments adopting provisions that increase efficiencies and reduce costs?

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Who We Are

The Minnesota Center for Public Finance Research, formerly known as the Minnesota Tax Foundation, incorporated in 1982 as a charitable educational organization, is a foundation created to support the Minnesota Taxpayers Association. By IRS regulation, a majority of the Directors of the Center must also be Directors of the Taxpayers Association.

Our Mission

To provide objective research and analysis on state and local tax and spending issues in support of effective, efficient, and accountable government.

Our Vision

Minnesota becomes a national leader in having knowledgeable, engaged, and informed taxpayers.

Our Goals

Board of Directors

Harold Lofgreen (President)
Executive Director, Minnesota Economic Development Center
St. Cloud State University

Jerome Geis
Briggs and Morgan

Curtis Johnson
The Citistates Group

Todd Rapp
Himle Horner

Mike Engelmeyer
Sr. Director of Tax
Moneygram International



Daniel Loritz
Vice President, University Relations
Hamline University

Sandy Navin
Second Vice President
Minnesota Taxpayers Association

Tim Penny
Senior Fellow, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
University of Minnesota

Mark Haveman
Executive Director
Minnesota Taxpayers Association